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What Can a Parent Expect to Find on Our Website?

We know how ridiculously exhausting raising a kid can be. It only multiplies with every additional child, too—whether you start with multiples, have another born a year or two after that first bundle of joy, or more come along almost a full decade later!


We’re parents of a pre-teen and a toddler, and both of these age groups present a unique set of challenges. After homeschooling our oldest for years now and being far older and more tired for the second round of wild toddler years, we decided it was time to share some of what we’ve learned to help those parents who are either just too tired to figure things out via trial and error or may be entering a new phase of their lives and would simply like some information and guidance from those who have already been there.


We hope to present readers with a thorough collection of information on parenting, the many aspects of parenthood itself, homeschooling, mental health, navigating family challenges, maintaining your physical and mental health while raising wild animals, and plenty more.

Having children and learning how to best navigate their rearing to meet your personal as well as societal needs is a lot for anyone to handle, and we want to help make the multi-decade commitment as simple as possible.

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