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5 Guilt-Free Kid Shows

Even the best of us eventually have to cave and try to get our kids glued to the TV for just a moment's peace, whether it's to take a toilet break, finish up a more difficult chore, or sneak away to have a snack without being found out. Here are the best shows to make the most of that much-needed screen time.

It happens. Don't feel guilty about it.

However, in these moments and on any other days you simply don't feel well enough to give parenthood the 550% of your nonexistent time and energy it requires, you have quite a few options for shows to not only entertain but to EDUCATE.

Here are our top picks for making sure your child's screen time is used wisely.

Team Umizoomi

This Nickelodeon show is one of the most child-friendly yet heavily educational shows we've found. Colors, shapes, patterns, problem-solving—it has it all! Your kids will enjoy fun songs while learning to count, sort, and watch the show's little characters save the day.

Team Umizoomi is available on Prime Video, Apple TV, VUDU, Paramount Plus, and Noggin.

Little Einsteins

Right alongside Team Umizoomi in both educational content as well as quality, Little Einsteins is the Disney counterpart to the first show on our list. Music, problem-solving, counting, patterns, colors, and more can be learned in this super-brainy show that's perfect for toddler-age kids.

Little Einsteins can be watched on Disney Plus and Prime Video.

Curious George

Although this kid's cartoon comes with the disclaimer of it potentially encouraging the wiliest of children to get into some ridiculous trouble, Curious George is a fun and funny way for kids to learn what not to do in most situations.

This beloved, mischievous little monkey goes on numerous adventures that will show little ones why it's really just best to ask a grownup for help when things go wrong and how quickly it can all spiral out of control. It's great for laughs and some low-key learning when "obviously educational" shows are a 'no' from most kids.

Curious George can currently be streamed on Hulu and Peacock.

Dora the Explorer

If you want your child to learn colors, shapes, animals, problem-solving skills, and some beginner-level Spanish, Dora the Explorer is the go-to kid show to cover all your educational desires. Dora goes on all types of adventures with her animal friends, solving puzzles to reach her goal in each story and teaching little ones bilingual skills as well as plenty of general knowledge.

Although the series came to and end in 2019, it can still be watched on Prime Video and Paramount Plus.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Your kids can join Mickey and friends on daily problem-solving adventures that are fun, silly, and easy to understand for kids of all ages. This show is incredibly child-friendly and is a great interactive option to keep the kids engaged and using their brains while watching some of their favorite characters get thrown into all types of different scenarios: fairy tales, farm life, spooky castles, or even just pure silliness.

It's hard to go wrong with this classic.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse can be streamed on Disney Plus and Disney Now. There are also quite a few episodes available on YouTube!

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