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Alabama Homeschool Associations & Support Groups

Homeschool associations are a great resource for finding more information and acquiring experienced help and advice regarding the legal aspects of homeschooling. Support groups help you network with other homeschooling families, find curriculum vendors, schedule events, and more. Here are some of the groups active in the state of Alabama.

What are homeschool associations?

Homeschool associations are organizations that may be local, state-wide, or regional, but they exist to provide paperwork and legal information to those new or returning to homeschooling within a particular state—in this case, Alabama.

These associations also take it upon themselves to lobby for legislation that protects and supports home education. They also will sometimes organize conventions for homeschoolers and the homeschooling community to provide access to various resources, networking opportunities for families and vendors, and events featuring speakers and other relevant guests.

These associations are not government-run or operated, and they are not directly tied to any particular boards of education. They are private organizations, and many of the ones found in Alabama are faith-based groups that advocate for the religious and educational freedoms of homeschooled students within the state.

As for homeschool support groups, we've addressed the features and benefits of co-ops and support groups in our post about Why You Should Join a Co-Op or Homeschool Group.

What are my options in Alabama?

The most prominent homeschool association in the state of Alabama is the Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF), which has now been renamed Homeschool Alabama.

Additionally, there are many support groups available that provide information and assistance among their members in the same way that an official, non-profit association functions:

North Alabama:

Alabama SHINE Homeschool Group (Centre)

Cullman Homeschool Co-Op

HSV Homeschool (Huntsville)

Rocket City Homeschooling Info

Blount County Alabama Homeschoolers

East Alabama:

East Alabama Homeschool Community

Elmore County Christian Homeschool Organization (ECCHO)

Freedom Homeschoolers Members (Phenix City)

Central Alabama:

SHE-BA Secular Homeschool Encouragement (Birmingham)

Central Alabama Homeschoolers

West Alabama:

Tuscaloosa Homeschoolers

South Alabama:

Baldwin County Homeschoolers

South Alabama Homeschooling

Wiregrass Homeschoolers (Dothan)


Alabama Homeschoolers

Alabama Homeschool Support

Homeschool Without Cover Alabama

*If you run an online or in-person homeschool group and would like to be featured on this list, please contact us. :)

For parents that may be unsure if joining a homeschool group or co-op is the right option for them, be sure to check out Why You Should Join a Co-Op or Homeschool Group for more information.

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