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Cinnamon Sugar Fruit Bubble-Up Recipe

Needing a quick and easy dessert that requires minimal effort? Here's an oven-baked, simple bubble-up that allows for easy exchanges of ingredients for picky eaters.

I live with a bunch of sugar addicts, so without fail, they eventually demand that I bake something for dessert after days of making them eat relatively healthy. This bubble-up recipe is a quick and easy way to appease the sugar-fiending horde without really impacting my usual cooking/cleaning/work schedule.

There are a few things I'd like to address before delving into the recipe though.

Any Fruit Filling Works!

First, I use cherry pie filling for the majority of the times that I bake this for the family. Personally, that's super gross to me, so it's a great deterrent when I'm trying to avoid eating sweets. However, I've also tried making this with apple (so good!), blueberry, and blackberry. As far as I can tell, the fruit filling/topping is completely interchangeable, and every single one has tasted amazing.

With this being the case, I'm just letting you know that you can use pretty much whichever fruit you prefer for the recipe and the yumminess of the completed dish should not be affected. It all bakes the exact same too as long as you used the canned fillings. If you make your own homemade filling, I have no clue how that will affect the cooking process.

Need a Larger Batch? Don't Have the Right Size Baking Dish?

If the current serving size is too small (since I'm basing this on the smaller batch I usually make), you can easily just double the recipe and use a 9x13" baking dish instead. And if you don't have an 8x8" dish for the recipe below, the world will not end if you use a 9x9" dish or something else similar.

Baking is a science, but this recipe is not confined to tight specifics. This is not a dessert that requires any type of skill or effort. However, keep in mind that larger dishes that make the dessert more shallow and spread out will decrease your total cooking time, so you'll need to keep an eye on the dessert while it's in the oven if you really get the proportions of food to baking space thrown off.

Glaze Issues

Regarding the glaze, it's best if you drizzle it over the dessert once it's cooled off, but nothing horrific will happen if you're in a rush and choose to do so sooner. However, it'll look a bit weird since the glaze will pool on top of the spaces between biscuit chunks due to the heat causing it to thin up and slip right off the biscuit quarters themselves. If you want it to look pretty, let the food cool.

For the curious folks, here is photo of what it will look like if you pour glaze over a hot dessert:

It won't be nearly as pretty to look at, but it all tastes the same and it all gets mixed up going in your mouth anyway, so it really doesn't matter unless you're on a mission to impress.

Also, if the 3 tbs. of milk to 1 cup of confectioner's sugar ratio doesn't appear to make your glaze liquidy enough to drizzle properly, feel free to add small amounts of whole milk as needed to make it easier to work with. If you've messed up and made it too soupy, simply add some more powdered sugar until you get the right consistency.

Can You Use Different Types of Biscuits?

Finally, the biscuits. For this recipe, the best biscuits I've found to use are the Great Value Buttermilk Biscuits that are tiny, simple, and the best size and shape for cutting up and spreading along the top of the fruit mix. I've experimented with some other brands, but they just don't bake up the same and cook all the way through properly (unless you're into toasty tops and slimy bottoms). These yield the best and most consistent results.

Also, I strongly recommend against testing out any other variations such as Hawaiian flavored dough—it will make this dessert so sweet that it becomes inedible. Trust me, it sounds like a good idea, but it's just too much. The fruit filling mixture adds plenty enough sweetness, so you need a very basic biscuit to balance it out.


Cinnamon Sugar Fruit Bubble-Up Recipe

Prep Time: ~10 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Approx. Servings: x

What You'll Need:

  • medium-sized bowl

  • large spoon (for mixing)

  • cutting board

  • sharp, non-serrated knife

  • 8x8" baking dish

  • nonstick spray

  • small bowl

  • spoon


  • 2 (20 oz.) cans of fruit topping/pie filling

  • 1 (7.5 oz.) can of buttermilk biscuits

  • cinnamon-sugar mix

  • 2 tbs. vanilla extract

  • 3 tbs. whole milk

  • 1 cup of confectioner's sugar


  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F and get your ingredients out.

  2. Empty your cans of your preferred fruit filling into the medium mixing bowl, and add your 2 tbs. of vanilla extract. Mix well.

  3. Sprinkle your cinnamon-sugar mix (whether homemade or purchased) all over your fruit mix. You can add about 3 tbs. of it for normal people, or you can sprinkle to your heart's content. (No one will judge you for getting excessive about your cinnamon-sugar use here, and it will not impair the cooking process. I get absolutely ridiculous.)

  4. Mix the fruit filling and cinnamon sugar until well combined.

  5. Spray your 8x8" baking dish with nonstick spray, and pour your fruit mixture into the dish, being sure to spread it evenly.

  6. Open your tube of biscuits and cut each individual biscuit into four even pieces.

  7. Place your biscuit quarters evenly across the top of your fruit mixture.

  8. Sprinkle a bit of the cinnamon-sugar mix across the tops of the biscuit pieces.

  9. Bake the dessert in the oven for about 25 minutes or so, until the biscuits turned a light golden brown and are cooked all the way through.

  10. Carefully remove the dish from the oven after baking, and allow it to cool to room temperature.

  11. Make your glaze by combining your milk and confectioner's sugar in a small bowl, mixing them with a spoon until they're fully combined. (See the notes regarding consistency or other glaze-related issues above.)

  12. Drizzle the glaze over the top of the dessert.

  13. Enjoy!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. I'm glad to provide more information, tips, or help as needed.

Also, due to the fruit filling, be sure to refrigerate this dessert if you have leftovers or are saving it for later! It reheats well and tastes amazing served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Happy baking! :)

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