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How Do I Begin Homeschooling My Child (in Texas)?

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Are you thinking about homeschooling or have already decided that homeschooling is right for you and your family? If so, you’re probably wondering what the process looks like for enrollment as well as the legal requirements. Here is a glimpse into the homeschooling enrollment process for residents of Texas.

If your child is between the ages of 6 and 19 years old and living in the state of Texas, they are required to be enrolled in some type of school or education program.

Are you eligible for homeschooling your child in Texas?

There are no listed education requirements (such as needing to have a high school diploma or GED) that apply to parents in Texas that wish to homeschool their children.

Has your child already been enrolled in a public or private school?

Children that have already been enrolled in a school in Texas are recommended to withdraw via email or a letter to their respective current school. This will assist in leaving a paper trail of a parent's intent to homeschool their child and avoid any truancy issues that may arise when first switching over to a home education program.

If your child has never been enrolled in school and is just beginning their education, you are not required to notify your local school if choosing to homeschool them.

What do I have to do when homeschooling my kid in Texas?

There are really only three specific things you'll need to make sure you of when homeschooling your child in Texas:

  1. Your child's education must be "bona fide" and legitimate.

  2. Your curriculum will need to be of a visual nature (i.e., workbooks, text books, online curriculums, etc.).

  3. You must be sure to include the following subjects in your child's instruction: math, spelling, reading, grammar, and good citizenship (civics).

For more information about these requirements, please refer to the Texas Homeschool Coalition's website.

Unlike many other states, Texas has no laws requiring recordkeeping of attendance or any other common applicable aspects of homeschooling.

However, it is recommended that parents keep a portfolio of what their child has learned and any projects, field trips, or other activities participated in during their years of home education. This will allow parents to be well prepared if ever needing to relocate to another state, transfer to another type of schooling, or apply to certain colleges or universities.

More information:

Texas homeschooling laws are relatively simple, but if you have additional questions or concerns, we recommend looking over the Texas Education Agency website and the Texas Homeschool Coalition website.

The THSC website covers a significant amount of information, including how to address daytime curfew issues, graduation and qualification questions, dealing with Child Protective Services (CPS), and various other legal questions.

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